Once-in-a-lifetime experiences at the Spornberg

The Spornberg, a house with a history

Storytelling details of days gone by

Stories come to life at the Spornberg. If only walls could talk, ours would tell you of a former lordly estate in the Middle Ages; of the courage needed to transform this historical farmstead and estate into a winery and peaceful retreat surrounded by vineyards, meadows, and forests; of pockets of tranquillity found in the three spacious apartments, a barn where everyone can gather to celebrate, and a large garden with its very own natural “biopool” for some well-deserved relaxation. Boasting a stunning view over Bolzano, the Renon Earth Pyramids, and the mountains. Wild and free, while also giving a reassuring, down-to-earth feeling. Ideal for people who don’t want their holidays spoilt by planned activities and a formal dress code. 

Farmers. Winegrowers. Hosts.
Tradition and the will to try something new meet at the Spornberg.

We are the Messner Family. Since 1900 we’ve been living and farming on the Renon. Planting wheat, gathering hay, and providing for our sustenance. Hubert Messner reared oxen, while son Thomas stood by his side, happy to be involved with agricultural tasks and animal rearing. He became a farmer because he loves nature and animals. Then, the Spornberg, an old estate just a stone’s throw from us. Should we take a risk or keep on doing what we’d always done? We just went for it. We purchased the historical farmstead in 2015 and made something new of it. We’re farmers, yes, but now we’re also winegrowers and your hosts. Welcome to the Spornberg.